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Issue 6 / Week 5, Dec. 2019
DPES Sign Expo China 2020

Exhibits Preview – Engraver & Cutter

Foshan Xinquanli CNC Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B06 Hall 2

- Fully enclosed design, EU CE
- Medium and thick plates can be cut
- Dedicated CNC laser system

Weifang Aokai CNC Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B11 Hall 2
Aok-Industrial Bending Machine

- Double manipulator progressive feeding
- Automatically identify the inner and outer frames of the object

Beijing Century Dahan Scientific Co., Ltd

Booth No. : B10 Hall 2

- Used in the processing of metal plates cutting
- Runs on oxygen or nitrogen or air
- Maximum kerf width as low as 0.1mm (verifiable)

Weifang Dobosen Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B28 Hall 2
Channel Letter Bending Machine

- Opposite heavy duty double screw and four-rail reciprocating feed
- Overload protection cutting system
- Precision double shank alternately

Shenzhen Guangtiandi CNC Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B05 Hall 2
GTD Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

- Automatic concentrated lubrication function- widely used in outdoor advertising
- Support AI,DXF,PLT graph data format
- Cutting all kinds of sheet metal with help

Guangzhou Hanma Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B31 Hall 2
HM-G Series of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

- High-accuracy positioning processing
- Shock resistance with stable machine body
- Easy maintenance and operation

Guangzhou Hanniu Laser Machinery Co.,Ltd

Booth No. : B17 Hall 2

- 600 ° C high temperature heat treatment, 24 hours with furnace cooling
- Accuracy less than 0.01mm
- Configure the inlet inertia servo system with high transmission accuracy

Hefei Signright Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B21 Hall 2

- Stable moving, low noise and high precision
- Can mark the contour by camera eye also can do 3D cutting, multifunction in one machine
- With Leadshine hybrid servo

Zhejiang GXUCNC Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : A073 Hall 1

- Imported planetary helical gear reducer
- High-precision rack and pinion and linear guide
- Smooth, low noise and reliable performance

Booth No. : B23 Hall 2
CNC Router Machine

- Sharp appearance
- Screw gear, can achieve high light effect
- High accuracy and stability
- Movable platform

Zhejiang Dema lntelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd

Booth No. : B18 Hall 2

- Automatic zoom laser head
- Max continuous laser generator
- Double temperature dual control chiller
- Max moving speed:60m/min

Shandong Ruijie CNC Technology Group Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B4 Hall 2

- Twice cutting speed compared to the same power CO2 laser cutter
- Compact structure, fixed optical path
- Excellent beam quality


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