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Issue 8/week 4, January 2024
DPES Sign Expo China 2024

Exhibits Preview – Digital Printing Part 2

Nantong Docan Digital Technology CO.,LTD
Booth No.: B01

- Printing speed of over 500 ㎡/H (6.6m width)
- Top configurations, rapid printing, nationwide acclaim.
- Intelligent ink system ensures stability, high performance.

Shanghai Mimaki Trading Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B06
UCJV330-160 UV

- UV-LED printing requires no drying time for quick delivery.
- Supports multi-layer printing function with 2-5 layers.
- Print&Cut: Proven cutting functionality - Supports for Various Output Operations

Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B07
H1 Eco Solvent Printer

- Equipped with four Epson i3200 sprinkler heads
- Indoor and outdoor two options 4pass printing speed of up to 79㎡/h.
- Using THK imported linear silent guide rail.
- Dual power rewinding system,swing rod design

Anhui LIYU Computer Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B07
Nuggets DSJ53 Series Hybrid UV Printer

- Original handle control, foot control.
- The frame adopts integral welding form.
- Adopt the tow chain system imported from Italy.

Nanjing ORIC Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B10
R-3200H (KONIKA1024Ax10)

- Konica1024A nozzle, 4 colors + white, grayscale printing.
- UV ink meets global environmental standards.
- Durable magnetic grating ensures high resolution.
- Linear motor, dual rail for stable, faster production.
- Adjustable nozzle height, versatile media printing, efficiency boost.

Henan Yindu digital Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B02
Audley 4-head Eco Solvent Printer

- Epson print head, THK silent guide rail.
- Alarm system for ink, paper, waste ink.
- Computer bracket, auto start/stop paper delivery.
- Intelligent heating control in cabinet design.

Guangzhou SpringYprinter Color Printing Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A19
Single pass high speed UV printer

- The speed of printing is 20-30 meters/min.
- Competitive price, assembly line printing.
- Suitable for packaging, custom products, and more.

Guangzhou Lanqi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B05
LANQI RG3300PRO single-sided and duplex UV printer.

- Features LANQI's AI Duplex printing system for precision.
- National patents for hardware and algorithm innovations.
- Roll-to-roll, automatic receiving and feeding system.
- Efficient, labor-saving operation; minimal material needed.

Dongguan Shitong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: B11
STO-2513UV Flatbed Printer

- Sprinkler type: Ricoh G5/G6.
- Number of sprinklers: 2-8 optional.
- Print mode: one-way and two-way.
- G5 Print resolution: 720*600dpi 720*900dpi 720*1200dpi.

Hangzhou IECHO Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A09
BK4 High Speed Digital Cutting System

- Automated, accurate processing for single/few layers.
- Widely applicable in automotive, advertising, furniture, etc.
- High precision, flexibility, and efficiency.
- Automated cutting solutions for diverse industries.


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