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Issue 7/week 3, January 2024
DPES Sign Expo China 2024

Exhibits Preview – Digital Printing Part 1

Shenzhen HandTop Tech Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A01
HT2512UV Flatbed Printer

- 3-row Ricoh linear motor solution, configured with Ricoh GEN6
- Up to 77 m²/h productivity and 1210*1200 DPI higher precision output
- Can be printed on a variety of media, including signage, acrylic, PVC board, KT board and other diversified application

JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A02
Venus 10r Ultra-wide Industrial Printer

- Equipped with a double row ten color output system
- Wide format 5m and multi-rolls printing kit can effectively improves production efficiency and easily cope with various application scenarios
- With industrial PLC and automatic integrated operation, realizing unmanned intelligent printing in the whole process.

Wenzhou Gongzheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A07
Hybrid UV Printer GZF6650KM

- Equipped with 4/6/9/12 Rows Konica 1024i/1024a Print Heads
- Up to 6.6 Meters Printing Width
- Linear Motor and Metal Encoder Assure High Precise Output
- Mesh Belt System Suits a Wider Range of Media
- Color Config.: KCYM, Optional: LcLmW
- 5 Liter Big Volume Ink Supply System

ShenZhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A11
XTRA5000H Hybrid UV Printer

- Equipped with high-precision industrial-grade on-demand piezo print head
- Maximum printing speed of 176-440㎡/hr.
- Standard four colors/six colors+ white
- Supports maximum four-level variable grayscale and three-layer spot color printing
- Supports rolls or sheets up to 5 meters wide

Guangzhou Xiaozong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A06
3.2m UV Hybrid Printer ED3200

- Optional 8-head EPSON 13200-U1 printhead. Speed up to 50㎡/h
- Industrial heavy structure design, 3.2m printing platform
- Air shaft and double aluminum rod feeding system
- Multi-zone independent control adsorption system
- Belt printing platfrom , precise step, no deviation, no wrinkle
- Different color printing applications are optional

Zhejiang Yurong Digital Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A10
S5000 UV Hybrid Printer

- Max print size 5.1M, equiped with 6 rows 40 Konica 1024A print head or 4 rows 18 Konica 1024A print head
- Support flexible roller media, no wrinkle
- Save roller medias, no need waste medias for guide media compare with Roller to Roller machine
- Security device: equipped with light curtain sensor, auto pause printing when meet accident
- Support 3 roller sticker print at the same time

Shenzhen Dlican Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A14
DLI-2513 UV Flatbed Printer

- Maximum printing size 2.5m*1.3m
- Print head: Ricoh G5/Ricoh G6/Epson T3200
- Non-contact uv inkjet printing
- Flexible response to a variety of printing

Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A05
KGT-YW-2513 High Speed UV Flatbed Printer

- Industrial-grade Ricoh GEN6/GEN5 printheads
- Up to 48kHz driving frequency, which improves printing speed and accuracy
- Humanized design facilitates rapid production
- Equipped with Germany's top color management system Color Gate

Guangzhou Pros-View Digital Trading Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: A07-1
UV Hybrid Printer

- 4/6/8 i3200-U1 print heads, 1.8m/2.2m printing width
- Color-White-Color window graphics, frosted window stickers, double-sided gold stamp window stickers
- On leather printing, you can express the 3D embossed effect on images with texture and a lot of detail.

Guangzhou Aocai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: A15
High Speed Cylindrical Printer

- Can seamlessly connect 360 degrees, support printing of cylindrical, conical, and irregular bottles
- The white colored oil is produced at once, and printing one insulated cup only takes 40 seconds
- Automatic cleaning and maintenance module, making maintenance more worry free


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