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Issue 6/week 2, January 2024
DPES Sign Expo China 2024

Exhibits Preview – Engraving & Cutting Machines


Booth No.: D01
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

- Laser control: User-friendly, reliable.
- Heavy-duty bed: Vibration reduction.
- Efficient steel cutting: Environmentally friendly.
- High conversion rate: Precision for industries.
- Auto-focus cutting head: Collision avoidance, automatic parameters.

Shandong Ruijie CNC Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D08
Vibration Knife Cutting CNC Router

- Dual System Control: Quick switching, versatile functions.
- Visual Cutting System: 2 million pixel camera, efficient edge finding.
- Industry Applications: Advertising, clothing, automotive interiors.

Shenzhen Guangtiandi CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D03A
JIEKE 2513M Marble Bed Height Light Machine

- Natural Granite Bed: High accuracy, stability, strength, and durability. Resistant to rust, acids, and alkalis.
- Quality Components: Japanese Yaskawa servo, Taiwan PMI guide rail, TBI lead screw for high precision and speed.
- Optional 9KW HSD Spindle: Italian air-cooled, robust cutting capability, extended lifespan.

Guangzhou Hanniu Laser Machinery Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D15
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

- Applications: Diverse industries, precise metal processing.
- Working area can be customized.
- Suitable for many metal materials for non-contact fast laser cutting, metal cutting, hollowing, drilling.
- Compatibility: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys.

Guangzhou EKLH United Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D12
M3 High Speed Engraving Machine

- G6 Machining center.
- 60m positioning speed.
- High speed water cooling spindle.

Beijing Longdiao Nc Equipment Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: D16
LD-3015E Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

- Efficient Operation: Independent interfaces, energy-saving, stable programming.
- Eco-Friendly: Bed section smoke exhaust, clean environment.
- Safety Priority: Imported anti-radiation glass, eye protection.

Guangzhou Ezletter Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: D100
EZCNC Router-GR Series

- Innovative Design: Dual ballscrew with driven nut.
- Performance: High speed, precision, and stability.
- Quality: Professional design, high-quality accessories.

Dongguan Mintech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D01
Marble Countertop CO2 Laser Cutting Machine HC-1250

- The marble countertop design.
- Uses all-steel construction with seamless welding technology.
- Precision processing with an oversized CNC gantry milling.

Hangzhou Saidike Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D23
D-C160C3 Special -Shaped Cutting Machine

- High-Speed Cutting Machine.
- Wide Range of Applications: Advertising, printing, packaging, textiles.
- Multi-Functional Processes: Full cutting, punching, milling, contour recognition.

Dongguan Chengxuan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D02
Laser Cutting Machine

- Application Industries: sheet metal processing, rail transit, shipbuilding, automotive, machinery.
- Suitable for cutting space: plane cutting
- Advantages: small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy, pollution free, low noise.

Guangzhou Hanma Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No.: D06A
HM-GJ Series Fiber Laser Cutter

- Single worktables, container-friendly installation.
- Designed for 0-6mm stainless steel, 0-10mm carbon steel, 0-3mm brass, aluminum.
- Mass production: 0-4mm stainless steel, 0-8mm carbon steel, 0-3 aluminum and brass.

Jinan Anqiang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: D08A
AQ-1325S Laser Cutting Machine

- High-strength heavy-duty steel welded structure.
- CNC gantry milling ensures flatness and parallelism.
- Automatic fire extinguishing system.
- Equipped with leakage overload protector.


Main Exhibits

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