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Issue 7 / Week 2, Feb. 2023
DPES Sign Expo China 2023

Exhibits Preview – Digital Printer Ⅱ

Booth No. : D02 Hall 4

- 5.2M print width with belt;
- Print width 5200mm;
- SPT1024GS Ricoh Gen 5 / Gen 6;
- Negative pressure ink supply;

Booth No. : V1

- Ricoh G6 Industrial print head;
- White, color and varnish are printed synchronously;
- The electrostatic rod removal system;
- Equipped with imported servo motor;

DongGuan Yifang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : D03 Hall 4
UV Printer

- Industrial grade high nozzle;
- Flatbed with roll hybrid UV printer;
- Magnetic levitation design, higher precision and faster speed;

Wuhan Yili Electronic Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :D01 Hall 4
UV Printer

- Max print width 3.2 meters;
- EPSON T3200 print head;
- Speed up to 110㎡/h;

Guangzhou Xucheng Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :C03 Hall 3

- Famous high resolution and quite linear guide;
- High speed and high precision printing quality;
- Intelligent alarming system for media lack and ink shortage;

Dongguan Shitong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : D11 Hall 4

- Optional Ricoh G5/G6 print head;
- Printing accuracy:720x600/900/1200dpi;
- Standard printing speed 24.3㎡/h;

Zheng Zhou MEFU CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Booth No. :D10 Hall 4

- Manually adjust nip-gap for materials that over 5mm thick;
- Max load 40 pieces sheets;
- Auto loading and feeding continuously;

Guangzhou Chunyu Qiufeng digital color printing equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :C26 Hall 3

- Two station cylinder printer;
- Compatible with diameter 8-150mm product size;
- 360°rotating printing without dead angle;

Guangzhou Lanqi Electron mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. :C05 Hall 3

- The printer equipped with LANQI AI double-sided spraying can realize the printing function of all coiled materials on the market at present.

Shandong Haibangda Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :C31 Hall 3

- Optional Konica 1024i /1024A or Epson T3200 print head;
- Adopt industrial grade negative pressure system;
- Patented soft film printing system;

Shenyang Sky Air-Ship Digital Printing Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. :D04 Hall 4

- High speed capacity and double sided craft together in one machine;
- 5 meters wide-format;

Nanjing KEUNDO Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. :D09 Hall 4

- Epson T3200-U3 print head;
- Professional white ink circulation system;
- LED cold light source curing;

Nanjing Oric Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : D09-1 Hall 4

- Eight EPSON i3200-U1 print heads;
- Use 3.5pl ultra-small ink droplet;
- Using multi-layer printing layering technology;

Henan Fayon Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : D18 Hall 4

- Automatic Hot/cold laminator;
- Widely used in the advertising;

DMAIS Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : D06-1 Hall 4

- Safe anti-collision system;
- Positioning with cursor and optional CCD industrial camera;

Guangzhou Jihui Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : D26 Hall 4

- UV transfer process;
- Meet various shapes;
- A wide range of applications;

Shenzhen Orient Longke Industry CO.,Ltd.
Booth No. : C30-1 Hall 3
Small One pass

- Small one pass is characteristic of printing speed and high speed;
- It can cooperate with pipe-lining;

Guangzhou TOPME Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : C27 Hall 3
One pass

- 1-60 RICOH GEN5 grayscale voltage sprinklers;
- Maximum printing height of 150 mm;
- Used in small and fast-processing products;

Guangdong Kaiou Digital Technology Co. ,Ltd.
Booth No. : D23 Hall 4
UV Printer

- 3.2m UV Mesh Belt Rolling Machine;
- Ricoh GEN6/Konica 1024i print head;
- Speed up to 98㎡/h;

Guangzhou maishengli Technology Co. , Ltd.

Booth No. : D08 Hall 4

- Epson XP600/XP800 high-precision print head;
- Printing area: 600mm*900mm;
- Both planes and cylinders can be printed;


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