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Issue 7 / Week 2, Feb. 2023
DPES Sign Expo China 2023

Exhibits Preview – Digital Printer Ⅰ

Shanghai Mimaki Trading Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : D06 Hall 4

- High image quality without smearing and unevenness;
- Max print speed 100 m²/h;
- Max resolution 1200 dpi;
- Capable of containing 3 roll mediums;

JHF Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : C02 Hall 3

- High resolution up to 2880 dpi;
- Speed up to 252m²/h;
- Auto heating ink system;
- Automatic head protection system;

Gongzheng Group Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. : C07 Hall 3

- Speed up to 110m²/h;
- Optional 8-head EPSON T3200 printhead;
- Printing accuracy:720x600dpi, 720x900dpi, 720x1200dpi;
- Print size: 2500x1300mm;

Guangzhou Xiaozong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :C06 Hall 3

- 3.2m UV hybrid printer;
- Optional 8-head EPSON 13200-U1 printhead;
- Speed up to 50㎡/h;
- Multi-zone independent control adsorption system;

Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :C11 Hall 3
Q33h UV Hybrid Printer

- Grayscale printhead, variable ink drop size 4-12pl;
- 4-6 colors+white;
- Printing speed up to 99sqm/hr;
- Resolution up to 705*2400dpi;

Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : D07 Hall 4

- Multi-row independent pinch roller;
- Adjustable carriage frame, applicable for different thickness of media;
- Eco solvent ink, water-based ink, sublimation ink, etc;

Shenzhen HandTop Tech Co., Led.

Booth No. :D05 Hall 4

- Super large format up to 5.2m;
- Higher productivity up to 309㎡/h;
- 363x3600dpi for precise printing quality;
- Diversified color printing application solutions;

Zhejiang Yurong Digital Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :C10 Hall 3
S5000 Digital UV Printer

- Equip 6 rows 40 Konica 1024A printhead;
- Speed up to 180㎡/h;
- Flexible Roller media not wrinkle;
- Support 3 roller sticker print one time;

Guangzhou A&G Electronic Products Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. :C09 Hall 3

- High-power variable-frequency fan;
- Optional 6-head EPSON 13200-U1 printhead;
- Max print width 2000mm;

Hongyin (guangzhou) colour printing equipment co.ltd.
Booth No. :C19 Hall 3

- Ricoh G5i industrial print head;
- Added with digital display control panel;
- THK guide rail has good mute effect;

Shanghai Wit-Color Digital Science &Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. :C07-1 Hall 3
2023-Kyocera Maglev Flatbed Printer

- XY axis bidirectional metal grating magnetic grid;
- New silent mechanical system;
- High speed industrial printhead;

Guangzhou TAIMES Co., LTd.

Booth No. :C01 Hall 3
X2513 UV Flatbed Printer

- Optional Ricoh GEN5 and GEN6 nozzles;
- With max printing accuracy of 720X2400dpi;
- Industrial one-piece steel frame body and steel beam structure;

Shenzhen KINGT Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : C15 Hall 3

- Automatic Ink Supply Systems;
- Max resolution with 635x1200 dpi;
- Optional 3-8 Ricoh G6 printhead;

Shenzhen Dlican Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : C14 Hall 3

- Printing accuracy:720x900/1200/1800dpi;
- Print size: 3200x2500mm;
- Optional Ricoh G5/G6 or Konica 1024i printhead;

Guangzhou ZOOYEE Color Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : C18 Hall 3

- Optional 28 Konica 1024i printhead;
- Max print speed with 240 m²/h;
- Max print width 6.8 m;

Henan Yindu Digital Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : D14-1 Hall 4

- Four EPSON i3200 sprinkler heads;
- Intelligent drying system;
- The heating function of the nozzle bottom plate;

Guangzhou Yuanzhong Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : C23 Hall 3

- EPSON I3200 industrial printhead;
- Quick-drying water-based heat transfer ink;
- Print width 600mm;

Hangzhou IECHO Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : C20 Hall 3

- Equipped with automatic feeding and receiving system;
- High precision digital cutting system;
- Automatic high-speed and precise cutting;

Guangdong Jingsu Digital Technology Co. ,Ltd.
Booth No. : D17 Hall 4

- High image quality without smearing and unevenness;
- With four printhead;

Guangzhou Ruizhi Digital Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : C16 Hall 3

- 5.4m Super Wide Platform;
- Speed up to 450㎡/h;
- Industrial grade negative pressure system;


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