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Issue 5 / Week 3, Jan. 2023
DPES Sign Expo China 2023

Exhibits Preview – Engraver & Cutter

Foshan Xinquanli Laser CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. :A035 Hall 2

- High-strength plate welding bed;
- Strengthen the performance of fire prevention and heat insulation;

Anhui Tongxing Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : A045 Hall 2

- Double manipulator progressive feeding
- Automatically identify the inner and outer frames of the object;

Beijing Century Dahan Scientific Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : A046 Hall 2
Medium-power Industrial Fiber Laser Cutter

- The expected life of main parts up to be 100,000 hours;
- Multiple gas cutting mode;
- Suitable for cutting kinds of high hardness;

Hefei Signright Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : A033 Hall 2

- Industrial steel pipe welding frame;
- Professional instrument eliminates welding stress;
- XY high precision grinding rack and pinion;

Tianjin Yicaijinyuan CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. : A035 Hall 2

- Applied to Metal sign making industry;
- The metal sheet is automatically slotting and bending;
- Process stainless steel, galvanized sheet, flat aluminum, aluminum profile;

Shandong DriveCNC Intelligence Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : A056 Hall 2
AD150 Automatic Rounding Bending Machine

- Used to bend aluminum alloy sections;
- It is used to process frame, mirror frame, decorative picture, ceiling, lamps and lanterns, advertising, furniture and metal forming industry;

Guangzhou Hanma Automation Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : A048 Hall 2

- Suitable for metal material processing;
- Wide range of application;
- High-speed and precise cutting ability;

Hangzhou Saidike Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : A077 Hall 2

- Multi-function cutting machine with CCD;
- Precision CNC engraving and milling machine;
- Fiber laser cutting machine;

Guangdong Guangyue Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : A051 Hall 2
Screw Rack and Pinion Laser Cutting Machine

- The mechanism of the bed is welded by 100mm room pipe;
- The constant light path of 5 mirrors is adopted;

Jinan Anqiang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : A035b Hall 2
Laser Cutting Machine

- X-axis rack and double guide rails, Y-axis double-sided rack;
- The overall structure is welded with 100mm square tube;

Hangzhou Chaohan intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : A058 Hall 2

- CCD visual positioning system;
- Large suction vacuum system;
- High-speed constant power water-cooled mold spindle;

Chendu Weeson Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. : A030 Hall 2
CO2 Laser Tube

- Unique shape design and tube support design;
- Better laser spot and higher output power;
- Long service life and better stability;

Shenzhen City YITU electrical and Mechanical Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : A043a Hall 2
Auto-feeding Label Cutter

- High precision camera positioning;
- Identify various materials;
- Induction feeding function;

Guang Bo Xin Yuan (TianJin) Laser Techology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : A072 Hall 2
Automatic Laser Cutting Machine

- Imported servo system and precision guide rail;
- Precision CCD system;
- Used in precision processing industries;

Guangzhou JINGHUI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : A037 Hall 2
CAD Inkjet Plotter

- Automatic and manual ink carriage cleaning;
- High-speed, long-time working, excellent stability;
- Well compatibility with other CAD systems by HPGL files;

Shenzhen Purcell Haina Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : A030 Hall 2
Vinyl Cutting Machine

- Automatic scanning and positioning;
- Automatic contour patrol cutting;
- High precision and fast speed;


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