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Issue 3 / Week 1, Jan. 2023
DPES Sign Expo China 2023

Exhibits Preview – Signage

Dongguan Zhilian Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : E01-1 Hall 5
Display Equipment

- X & L display stand, display screen, poster stand, tent light box, mental truss series, etc.

Guangdong Tongdao Art Logo Products Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : E17 Hall 5
Alumina Word

- Make all kinds of solid aluminum engraving crafts and it apply to all places.

Guangzhou Pat Light Box Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : F02 Hall 6
Light Box

- Ultra-thin light boxes, vertical light boxes, crystal light boxes and other large advertising signs.

Guangzhou ADM Coating Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : VIP1 Hall 6
Special Paint for Mini Characters

- No glue and wrinkle, quick drying, no dust on the surface, strong covering power, etc.

Guangdong Bide Xinghui Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : E18-1 Hall 5
Advertising Paint

- No glue and wrinkle, quick drying, no dust on the surface, strong covering power, etc

Guangdong Poosled Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. : E17-1 Hall 5
Led Display

- Led display screens, indoor display screens, semi-outdoor display screens, and full-outdoor true color display screens, etc.

Chengdu Dragonfly Signs Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : E03-1 Hall 5
Flip Page Display Stand

- Easy flip, Small bezel design under the panel, Profiles on both sides, etc.

Qingwei Craft Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : VIP3-1 Hall 6
Display Equipment

- Public logo light boxes, signs, stationery manufacturing, art and crafts, etc.

Hunan Wudangpai Advertising Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : E21 Hall 5
Light Box

- Public logo light boxes, glass products, stainless steel products, etc.

Guangdong Yihao Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : F88-94 Hall 6
Advertising Aluminum Production

- Ultra-thin light box aluminum, cloth light box aluminum, order light box aluminum, rolling light box aluminum, etc.


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