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Issue 2 / Week 1, Nov. 2022
DPES Digital Textile Printing Technology Expo 2023

The "DPES Digital Textile Printing Technology Expo 2023", organized by Guangzhou Baoxuan Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China(PEIAC), will be held from February 7 to 9, 2023 at Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center. This exhibition will closely focus on the application and development of inkjet technology in the field of textile printing, and build a cutting-edge display and exchange platform for inkjet technology.

Exhibits Preview – Textile Printer

Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Zhenfeng Technology Co., Ltd.
Direct Textile Printer
Model: VEGA X1

- Maximum productivity:540㎡/h
- Maximum resolution:1800dpi
- Applicable Medium:cotton,linen,silk,etc.

Shenzhen Homer Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

High-speed Textile Digital Printer
Model: HM1800BK32

- Maximum productivity: 900m²/hr;
- Maximum resolution: 600*2400dpi;
- Printhead: 8-32 industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic printheads;

Hopetech Digital Co., Ltd.
Multi-pass Textile Digital Printer
Model: H1

- Max Printing Width:1800mm;
- Applicable Medium: natural fiber, Polyester,etc.

Zhejiang Boyin Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Textile Digital Printer

- 32 pcs ricoh print head;
- Print Width:2-30mm range is adjustable;
- Production mode:480㎡/h(2pass);

Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.
Fast Dye Sublimation Printer

- Printheads: 4-8 Epson Industrial Head;
- Color: C.M.Y.K.O.B.FY.FR;
- Print Speed: 310㎡/h(4head), 620㎡/h(8head);

Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
High-speed Textile Digital Printer

- Printheads: Epson I3200-A1;
- Print Width: 1900mm;
-Resolution: 3200dpi;

Guangzhou Gather Heart Electronics Co., Ltd.
High-speed Sublimation Printer
Model: S1908-S

- Printheads: Epson I3200-A1;
- Media: sublimation transfer paper,wood grain paper,film,wallpaper;

Nanjing KEUNDO Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

High-speed Sublimation Printer

- Printheads: Epson I3200-A1*15;
- Print Speed: 620㎡/h(1pass);

Wenzhou Gongsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Heavy-duty industrial printing presses

Model: G6

- Printheads: Epson I3200-A1*15;

Shanghai Hexuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Heavy-duty industrial rubber roller printing machine
Model: TX2215A

- Printheads: Epson I3200-A1*15;
- Print Speed: 620㎡/h(1pass);

Zhengzhou Audley Digital Control Equipments Co.,Ltd.
Industrial textile Printer
Model: ADL-2015

- Printheads: Epson I3200-A1*15;
- Print Speed: 550㎡/h;

Shenzhen All Printing Graphic Technology Co., Ltd.
Double digital oval white ink machine
Model: TKD Plus

- Production: 340-400 pieces/h;
- Support one image and one print;

Guangzhou Cnding Robot Co., Ltd.

Full-servo oval printing machine
Model: H9Pro

- Production (NB-16 colors): 700 pieces/h;
- Printing Size: 60*70cm;

Guangzhou Cheng Helong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Automatic oval printing machine
Model: CHL-XH5S

- Production: 500-900 pieces/h;
- Max Printing Size: 55*70cm;

Guangzhou Bairui Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Coating digital inkjet printing machine
Model: RT916

- Production: 350 pieces/h;
- Max Printing Size: 80*93cm;

Shenzhen Boyan Commercial Equipment Co, Ltd.
Table screen printing machine
Model: K3

- Printing Speed: 200 m/min;
- Suitable: Apparel, Clothing;


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