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Issue 4 / Week 4, Jan. 2022
DPES Sign Expo China 2022

Exhibits Preview – Engraver & Consumables

Guangdong Xinquanli Laser Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No. : B01 Hall 2

- Dustproof and waterproof protection;
- Using precision ball screw transmission mechanism;
- Automatic cutting head system;

Shenzhen Guangtiandi CNC Equipment Co.,LTD.
Booth No. : B02 Hall 2

- Gantry rack double drive system;
- Original fiber lasers and stable operation;
- Lifespan is over 100,000 hours;

Beijing Century Dahan Scientific Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. : B06 Hall 2

- Widely used in the processing of metal plates cutting;
- Suitable for cutting carbon steel and alloy metal materials;

Shandong Shengshi Jinbiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : B24 Hall 2
Multi-Function Shaped Cutting

- Utomatic edge finding and precise positioning;
- Good batch cutting consistency, and low scrap rate;

Guangzhou Hanniu Laser Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : B16 Hall 2

- Using Taiwan original imported reducer for 6 years,the fastest 100m/min.;
- Use CNC/CypCut NC software;

Dongguan MARKE CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : B20 Hall 2

- Marke CNC Company production and sales engraving machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine,etc.

Dongguan Chengxuan Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : B10 Hall 2
Laser Machine

- New upgrade, exhaust system, improve efficiency, flexible and convenient, solid welding, strong stability, high precision and fast speed;

Ttianjin Yicaijinyuan CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Booth No. : B01C Hall 2

- Applied to Metal sign making industry;
-The metal sheet is automatically slotting and bending;

Donguan Mintech Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : B0B Hall 2
T6 CNC Router

- High-speed, high precision and best bright finish;
- Reasonable configuration of core components and stable performance;

Zhejiang TPS Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.: B12 Hall 2
Cutting Machine X7

- X7 adopts independent developed professional cutting CAM software;
- Automatic edge -finding and positioning;


Guangdong Yidu Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : G16 Hall B1
Printable Car Wrap

- German technology nano polymeric;
- Environment friendly removable glue;
- 2-PE bubble free silicon release paper;

Shanghai Unisign Industry Co, Ltd.
Booth No. : G12 Hall B1
PVC Banner & Tarpaulin

- Frontlit, Backlit, Mesh, Blockout;
- Maxium width up to 5.1m;
-PVC coated &laminated tarpaulin;

Haining Taiwei New Material Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : G10 Hall B1
PVC digital printing materials

- Good ink absorption and weather resistance;
- Strong tensile strength and tear strength;

Yiwu Exjia Advertising Material Co., Ltd
Booth No. : G17 Hall B1
Printing Materials & PVC Tarpaulin

- Laminated banner 440gsm;
- Can reach to REACH stand;

Foshan Gaoming Aibo Advertising and Decoration Material Co., Ltd.
Booth No. : G06 Hall B1
Advertising Materials

- The cold chain carton;
- PVC celuka foam board;
- PS Foam board;

Guangzhou Respect Advertising Material Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : H87 Hall B1
Advertising Materials

- Luminous word two-color film;
- Reflective stickers;


We extend a warm welcome to our guests from across the global. DPES 2022 Guangzhou is bound to make your day!

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