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Issue 2 / Week 4, Nov. 2021
DPES Sign Expo China 2022

Exhibits Preview – Signage

Guangzhou Haina Show Exhibit Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : VIP1 Hall 6
Display Equipment

- X & L display stand, display screen, poster stand, tent light box, mental truss series, etc.

Guangdong Yihao Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : F95-103 Hall 6
Advertising Aluminum Production

- ultra-thin light box aluminum, cloth light box aluminum, order light box aluminum, rolling light box aluminum, etc.

Jiangmen Fireflics Advertising Logo Products Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : E17 Hall 5
LED Stainless Steel Channel Letters

- Made of flexible LED Strip, stainless steel panel and acrylic panel, multiple colors optional, etc.

Dongguan Zhilian Hardware Products Co.,
Booth No. : E03-1 Hall 5
Advertising Hardware Production

- Titanium gold letters, metal luminous letters, resin signs,acrylic display shelves, cabinets, etc.

Guangzhou L&Q Advertising Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : VIP2 Hall 6
LED Stainless Steel Channel Letters

- Glowing words on the door, custom signage, luminous tag, light box, custom neon signs, etc.

Nanchang Paibang lndustrial Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : E48 Hall 5
Spiritual Fortress, Signage, Channel Letter

- Used for outdoor advertising, guidance, corporate image, etc.

Tianyu Exhibition Equipment & Materials Co.,Ltd.
Booth No. : E24 Hall 5
Display and Exhibition Equipment

- Display & Furniture, light box, textile frame system, pop up system, etc.

Foshan Guozong Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : E10 Hall 5
Display Equipment

- LED electronic screen, display rack series, mechanical accessories, etc.

Mei Cheng Advertising Logo Co., Ltd.

Booth No. : F03 Hall 6
Luminous Word Production

- Blister letters, resin word letters, flat luminous word, steel door series, sign guide series, etc.

Guangzhou Lightstar Advertising Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Booth No.: E09 Hall 5
Advertising Display Equipment

- Light box billboard, smart light box, scrolling lightbox, ultra-thin light box, etc.


We extend a warm welcome to our guests from across the globe. DPES 2022 Guangzhou is bound to make your day!

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Issue 2 – Exhibits Preview - Signage
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