Myanmar Sign Expo 2019

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Sign Expo Myanmar



Venue: Yangon Convention Centre


Organizer: Guangzhou D.PES. United Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Myanmar Digital Printing & Sign Association



Hailed as the last frontier market in Asia, Myanmar generally recovers not only regional but also global investment since its opening up of its economy in 2011. Especially after the establishment of Myanmar's new government in 2016, the economic development has been accelerating. All walks of life hope to seize new opportunities in this burgeoning market.

Holding Sign Expo Myanmar is an important decision of DPES on following China " The Belt and Road " strategy, catering to the reform ideas of the Myanmar government in attracting foreign investment, and also an important step for DPES to actively expand overseas markets. The exhibition is strongly supported by the Myanmar Digital Printing & Sign Association. The two sides will work together to build a platform for digital printing & sign & LED industries to promote trade exchanges and the healthy development of the industries.

We welcome people of the industries all over the world to participate in the exhibition and expand the Myanmar market together. We would like to work with you to make Sign Expo Myanmar a first-class exhibition in Asia. And we would like to pave the way for the enterprises of the industries from all around the world to trade in Myanmar and explore cooperation opportunities and potentials in depth.


Myanmar Has a Huge Market and Rapid Economic Growth

Myanmar has a land area of 676,600 square kilometers and a population of more than 50 million. Since 2011, the Myanmar government has been vigorously promoting economic reforms and opening up to the outside world, so that it’s been attracting more and more foreign investors, providing historical opportunities for companies from all over the world to develop new markets in Myanmar.

Professional Organizer and Professional Venue

DPES is the organizer of the largest sign & LED expo in South China, the DPES Sign & LED Expo China (Spring). DPES has more than 10 years experience in organizing exhibitions and has an exhibition area of 250,000 square meters per year.

The Yangon International Convention Center, selected for the first Myanmar International Advertising Sign Exhibition, is located next to the Ma Yang Gong District in downtown Yangon. It is currently the largest exhibition venue in Yangon with the most professional hardware facilities. There are many international brand hotels, bustling restaurants, shopping malls, and famous sightseeing within 25mins drive time.

Outstanding Geographical Advantage and Obvious Radiation Effect

Located in the northwestern part of Asia's Indochina Peninsula, Myanmar is an important gateway connecting Southeast Asia and South Asia. Yangon is the most economically strong city in Myanmar with the most developed industries and services. With the increase in foreign direct investment and trade flows with neighboring countries, the radiation effect of Yangon will become more apparent.

Strong Purchasing Demand

The rapid changes that Myanmar has experienced in recent years have led to increased employment opportunities in the service and manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, it also improved social production efficiency. Merchants have strong purchasing needs for excellent equipment and quality materials.

Join Hands with Industry Associations to Create Asia's Leading Exhibitions

We believe that Myanmar is not an ideal place to seek short-term benefits. It will test the strategic vision and perseverance of investors. DPES and the Myanmar Digital Printing & Sign Association have teamed up to show their determination to serve the industries and co-produce a first-class exhibition in Asia.


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